Consultation in Clinic Offices

You Probably Have Questions

How does expanded Medicaid in Virginia affect the Free Clinic of Powhatan?

The new Medicaid in Virginia provisions greatly expand the number of people eligible for coverage. But the threshold of eligibility leaves out the working poor and many other people in our community. There are people who make more than the allowed salary but not enough to make ends meet.

Is the Free Clinic of Powhatan sustainable if operating costs rise?

Yes. The County will cover our costs for public utilities and for maintaining the exterior of the building, grounds, and parking lot.

Our fundraising success is proven. Our list of donors and partners has grown as our menu of services has grown. In addition, stable funding from the Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, of which the Free Clinic of Powhatan is a member, is expected to increase as our patient load increases.

We are including the first three years of anticipated increased operating needs in this comprehensive campaign. That will give us time to expand and diversify our donor base for the years ahead. The Clinic has more than $750,000 in a reserve fund.

How will the Free Clinic of Powhatan survive in a down financial environment?

We are embarking on a comprehensive capital campaign. A part of our goal includes money for an endowment. Moreover, we intend to establish a bequest society to encourage planned gifts, all of which will be directed to the endowment.

How can I help?

We are so very glad you asked. Every gift to the Free Clinic of Powhatan is a gift of health and hope. Pledges to the Campaign may be made over three years. The Clinic has a brokerage account and can easily accept gifts of securities. Gifts by check should be made payable to The Free Clinic of Powhatan. Please ask your employer about matching gifts. The Free Clinic is a qualified 501 (c)(3) for accepting contributions from qualified retirement accounts, as provided by law.

Your estate gift, from a will or trust, is also greatly appreciated and helps us plan for the financial future of the Clinic.

Unless otherwise instructed, the Board of Directors of the Free Clinic of Powhatan will apply your gift at its discretion to the most pressing needs of the campaign. Pledges may be paid over three years. Deferred gifts (from wills and trusts) will be applied to the endowment goal.