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When we help our neighbors, we invest in our community

The Free Clinic is the only safety net provider for the uninsured and underinsured residents in the community.

Our patients see the Clinic as their medical home. We encourage them to visit us for annual check-ups, medication monitoring, and lab tests. Many of our patients return to work or are able to work more hours. They are able to buy groceries again, pay their taxes, and contribute to our economy in other ways.

Without regular health care, patients become sicker and their care becomes more costly. The chance of a negative outcome is higher. When an early routine visit to the Clinic is replaced by a later visit to an emergency room, we all bear the cost. Lack of regular health care can create a community health risk.

Nearly half of our patients are employed. They are the working poor or the elderly living on fixed social security payments in an environment of rising health care costs.

Very few of our patients are homeless or transient. The people we serve are truly our neighbors. The average profile is a single woman between 45 and 64 years old, living below the federal poverty level (FPL). For a family of one, this means earning no more than $12,490 annually. What would she do without free medical care?

We have the patient stories and hard data to show that providing free care saves the County money and that free care can be delivered with compassion and respect.

Floor plan of new facility
With 3,300 SQUARE FEET, THE renovated SPACE — the current powhatan county school board office on Skaggs road — WILL ALLOW FOR two EXAMINATION ROOMS, two counseling rooms and two dental chairs.