An opportunity to serve more people efficiently, effectively, and compassionately.

The County of Powhatan is offering The Free Clinic 3,300 square feet in the soon-to-be-vacated School Board Building — rent-free. The County will maintain the exterior of the building, the parking lot, and grounds. And, the County will cover the cost of utilities. We need to raise $2 million to renovate and furnish the building into proper clinical care space for medical, mental health, and dental services. With your help, we can offer more hours for patient care, expand our medical and mental health staff, and offer dental services on-site. This new space will allow us to treat our patients in the dignified manner all of us deserve. We will have larger examining rooms with more privacy, space for additional administrative and clinic staff, a waiting area with space for everyone to be seated, and a registration desk out of earshot of other waiting patients. A Free Clinic need not be a second-class experience. Our neighbors deserve our respect and compassion, especially when they are facing dire financial circumstances and health issues.
Exterior of new building

With 3,300 square feet, the renovated space — The current powhatan county school board office on Skaggs road — will allow for two examination rooms, two counseling rooms and two dental chairs.